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Hanoi Synthetic Paint Joint Stock Company (HSPC) was founded on 1st, January 2006 base on the Hanoi Synthetic Paint Company, which was established in 1970 under named Hanoi Synthetic Paint and Ink factory. Known as Son Dai Bang, by nature it was a leader on paint and coating products in Vietnam. Until now, Hanoi Synthetic Paint Joint Stock Company continuously in progress and have supplied hundred thousandth of various Paints and Inks for larger fields of National Economy, considerably contribute for the Nation's development.

With a high level of technical, management, workers and precious tradition, HSPC is increasing relationship with famous scientists and expanding world's markets, HSPC also have the best service system. With latest technology and equipments from Germany, Japan, Italy ...etc, HSPC could compared with National level. Almost materials for product are supplied by famous companies such as Bayer, J.J. Degussa (Germany); Sumitomo, Mitsui, Fuji chemicals development (Japan); Akzo (Holand); Lamseng Hang, Clariant (Singapore); Connell Bros, PPG (American); Dupon (Taiwan)...

HSPC have received Certificates of ISO 9001:2000; ISO 14001:2004.

Son Dai Bang are high quality products and very good protect in tropical condition.

Beside the traditional products such as Alkyd based, Alkyd Melamine, decoration paints, construction paints, HSPC collaborated with famous companies in the world to manufacture various of special paints such as: Acrylic paints, Epoxy paint, Polyurethane paint, Chlorinated rubber paint... for industrial constructions: fuel tanks, chemical factories, cement plants, electric plants, transformers, 500 kV high tension poles, Transports, airports, bridges, marine constructions. Until 1997, collaborated with famous paint producer in the world: PPG - American; Kawakami, Mitsui - Japan, HSPC's products are accepted by customers such as Honda Vietnam, Yamaha, Ford Vietnam.

HSPC also participate big sport events of Vietnam and Region. In 2003, HSPC was unique sponsor for Seagames 22 in Vietnam. HSPC have sponsored for Hoa Phat football team at V-league prizes for over many years: 2005 - 2006; 2006 - 2007; 2007 - 2008; 2009-2010

On 25th April 2008, HSPC became a member of Vietnam Paint and Printing Ink Association.

In 2012 Hasynpaint JSC with Son Dai Dang brand is 1 of 8 companies were honored Viet Nam Value in "Construction - Building materials"

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