Polyurethane Paint (PU)

Polyurethane Paint (PU) Polyurethane Paint (PU)Polyurethane Paint (PU)Polyurethane Paint (PU)Polyurethane Paint (PU)Polyurethane Paint (PU)Polyurethane Paint (PU)Polyurethane Paint (PU)

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high quality polyurethane paint s.pu-p1; s.pu-p1 (u/c); s.pu-p1(t/c)

High quality polyurethane paint S.PU-P1; S.PU-P1(U/C); S.PU-P1(T/C); is based on polyol resin and disocyanate, high quality pigment, organic solvent ...

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High quality polyurethane lacquer VN-PU

High quality polyurethane lacquer VN-PU is based on polyol and polyisocyanate resin, organic solvent, special additives. Lacquer is used as ...

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one component modified polyurethane lacquer

Air drying one component polyurethane lacquer is based on modified polyurethane resin, organic solvent and special a®itives.The lacquer is used as ...

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One component modified polyurethan paint S.PU.BT-P1

Modified polyurethan paint S.PU.BT-P1 and is based on modified polyurethan resin, pigment, extender, organic solvent and special additives. Paint ...

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