• 1. Traces roller stripes.
  • Answer:
  • Phenomenon:

    Leave the wound stripes on the surface of the coating upon application by roller.


    Skilled construction workers too bad, wrong paint roller techniques.
    Using poor quality roller or incorrect specifications.
    Son of poor quality, with high filler content.


    Often film in this case is new, clean, so just painted 1-2 coats complete with professional painters, using high-quality roller properly.


    Use high-quality rollers and proper to proper film thickness and uniformity. Do not use too long pile roller.

    Note paint technique: Moisten roller with clean water before use to paint water, shake off excess water. Not to dry paint roller attached to both ends. Start painting the ceiling near the front corner, scanning from top to bottom into an array. Son-shaped M (zigzag), starting with a road roller rolling from bottom to top to limit paint splashed out, do not lift the roller out of the wall surface, continue to fill the spaces of the letter M in the anti- parallel taxiway, steadily.

    Use high quality paint to ensure flat film (due to high quality paint solids are high and well spread out).

  • 2. I just painted a room in the home, how to not color difference?
  • Answer:
  • If you know exactly what type of paint the same color code queenhouse old before they can minimize chromatic aberration phenomenon by the following construction: 1 layer thin Scan is in place to refresh, add 1 layer of light and scanning thinner spreads around to minimize the difference. However, the best way we suggest is to scan the entire wall containing 1 location to refresh the paint.

  • 3. I want to paint the lighter color was chosen, I added the white paint is that?
  • Answer:
  • First: Color will not have, cause differences in color, not dark as to achieve the desired, thus affecting aesthetics.

    Monday: Causes damage to the durability of the coating.

    We recommend that you should seek advice from sales, because you hardly imagine that the paint on the large wall color will be different as compared to the small swatch of the color palette, so you can feel the true color International darker color of your choice. For added security, you should try to buy small cans of 1 liter to try to scan evaluation.

  • 4. It is recommended to apply two different paints with a color code on the walls?
  • Answer:
  • In the second case, the color difference is very likely to occur. You should refer to the following information:
    • + Whether the color code, the gloss of the paint is different, will reflect different light so there will be a little different in color.
    • + 2 times the time between painting and preservation time between two production batches will also affect the uniformity by changing color over time.
    • + If you are buying the 2 times in the first genuine agent of the company, and is a bankrupt or is mixed with air, the color shift phenomenon does not occur.
    • The best way that we recommend are: 1. Calculate carefully before buying; 2. Purchasing agents and 1 and 3. If the wall or the room is bad scan to scan the area, make sure to pay attention to the thickness of the paint and thinner in the new place were scanned and scanning are different.

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