Anticorrosive alkyd paint s.ak-n & s.ak-n1

Anticorrosive alkyd paint S.AK-N & S.AK-N1 is based on the alkyd resin, anticorrosive pigment, organic solvent and special additives. Anticorrosive alkyd paint is used as anticorrosive primer for steel. The paints are used for interior, exterior with weather and water resistance.

technical characteristic

³   Air drying, easily use and apply.

³   The paint film is hard and good adhesion, good flexibility, color durable, impact resistance.

³   Good anticorrosive function, good adhesion for next coating.

³   Quantity of paint for 1 m2 surface is 100- 150g (practical paint consumption depends on the materia surface).

Method of use

Surface preparation

³  New surface: dust, oil must be removed perfectly.

  • Oil: Clean by organic solvent.
  • Corrosion dust: remove by sand paper and hard brush.

³   Old surface: old paint coating must be removed perfectly, then clean by sand paper, hard brush or sand spraying.

After that should paint immediately to avoid recorrosion.

     Method of painting

³  Mix well the can

³  By brush, roller or spraying guns, applied spraying pressure is 2- 4 KG/cm2.

³  Dilute by DMT2 –AK solvent; by rate: 5-10 %.

³  Repainting interval:

  • Alkyd paint: 22 hours.
  • Alkyd melamine, nitrocellulose, chlorinated rubber paint: 72 hours

Technical specifications (tCcs 01:2007/SP-STH)






1. Color


as samples

as samples

2. Fineness


£ 50

£ 40

3. Viscosity by flow cup FC4 at 301oC


50 ± 5

40 ± 5

4. Drying time with thickness film of 30-35 mm



18 – 22


18 – 22

5. Hardness


³ 3B

³ 3B

6. Flexibility


£ 1

£ 1

7. Adhesion of the paint coating


£ 1

£ 1

8. Impact resistance

³ 45

³ 45

9. Solid content



³ 55


  • Paint is not still used and remained that must be keep tightly closed storage in dry and ventilated places.
  •  Should perform at ventilate place. Isolate from sources of heat.
    • Note: Avoid skin and eye contact. Wear protection equipment, exp.: glove, gauze mask, and glasses... when paint spraying.




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