high quality polyurethane paint s.pu-p1; s.pu-p1 (u/c); s.pu-p1(t/c)

High quality polyurethane paint S.PU-P1; S.PU-P1(U/C); S.PU-P1(T/C); is based on polyol resin and disocyanate, high quality pigment, organic solvent and special additives. Polyurethane paint is used as decorative and protective paint for automobiles, freezers, equipment and machines, electrical fans, wooden furnitures with high quality appearance.


Technical characteristic

³   The coating film with high gloss, adhesion, weather and water resistance, UV resistance, beautiful and durable color and long last life.

³   Polyurethane paint has 2 components:

  • Base paint: S.PU-P1; S.PU-P1(U/C) or S.PU-P1(T/C);
  • Hardener: C§R-PU

³   Two components are ready calculated to make sure good quality of coating film.

³   Quantity of paint for 1m2 surface is  

        150- 200g ( depend on the materia sulface)

Method of use

Surface preparation

³  The surface must be dry, clean. Remove oil, dust by sandpaper and organic solvent, let surface dry before painting.

Paint blending

³  Mix hardener to base (the rate are ready calculated); stir thoroughtly before painting. Thinner by DMT3 -PU; by rate: 5-10%

Note: After mixing should use immediately, the pot life of mixture is only 3 hours.

Painting Method

³   By spraying and brushing; spraying condition: pressure 2-4 KG/cm2.

³    Painting is 2 layer min, repainting interval is 30 minutes.

³    Don't paint in wet--days.


technical specifications (tccs 11:2007/SP-STH)





1. Color


as samples

2. Fineness


£ 15

3. Viscosity by flow cup FC4 at 30 ± 1OC


32 ± 2

4. Drying time with thick film of 25 - 30mm

- Touch dry

- Hard dry level 1




1 - 1,5

18 - 22

5. Adhesion


£ 1

6. Hardness


³ HB

7. Flexibility


£ 1

8. Impact resistance

³ 45

9. Glossiness


³ 90

10. Solid content


³ 52

11. Density


0.85 – 1.00

  • Keep paint can tightly closed, storage in dry and ventilated places. After a component and hardener are mixed, don't continuos use, should be removed.
  • Should perform at ventilate place. Isolate from sources of heat.

Note: Avoid skin and eye contact. Wear protection equipment, exp.: glove, gauze mask, and glasses... when paint spraying

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