The colours here help you easier to choose the colours, the colours appear on the screen might be different with real colour cards depend on type of screens. When making an order, please use our paper colour cards or our sample plate.

Note: For the code with (…) for example: XL-23 (240 50 35), our code is Text part XL-23 and (240 50 35) is equivalent code. That will make customers easier to compare the colours.

  • Cr-02
  • Cr-37
  • Cr-69
  • Cr-132
  • G-73
  • CT-65
  • Cr-66
  • Cr-68
  • V-OX
  • N-16
  • V-01
  • V-03
  • V-62
  • V-05
  • V-46

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