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phosphatic solution - rusting modification pph

technical characteristics  Remove the rust and forms a good protective film on the steel surface before painting.  Clean the corrosive layer under the paint film.  Improve the quality and durability of coating paint.  Quantily for 1 m2 sulface is 80-85 g


Method of use

³  The surface should be free of oil, grease, dust clean carefully the surface before painting.

³   Wetting the surface with a clean cloth absorbed PPH solution.



³    Avoid water contamination on the phosphated surface.

³    Stagnation of solution on the surface must be by a clean cloth.

³    If appear frothing on surface should use sandpaper to it.

³    After 2 hours, when surface becoms blackish grey and dry thoroughly, paint can be coated.







1. Colour, samples


2. pH

1 - 2

3. Density

1.34 – 1.45







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